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Optimize your Twitter experience with the Export Twitter Watchlist extension! Simplify your social media management by easily exporting your own or other people's follower lists.

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Export Twitter Following List's Feature

What are the feature of the Export Twitter Following List ?

One Click Export Twitter Following List

Quickly export your Twitter following list without complicated setup or multi-step process.

Ensuring that even the most tech-savvy users can easily back up their social data.

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Export Twitter Following List

Export all the data you need

We guarantee to provide as detailed data as possible when exporting, including but not limited to followers' full names, usernames, accounts, personal information, following time, number of fans and number of followers, etc., to make your data analysis more accurate, in-depth and comprehensive.

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Export Twitter Following List

Export Twitter Following List Diverse formats

The tool supports multiple data export formats, and you can choose the data you want to export according to your needs.

This design meets the needs of different users. Whether you are a user who needs to directly import into other applications or a professional who wants to conduct in-depth data analysis, you can choose according to your needs.

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Export Twitter Following List

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Advantages of Export Twitter Following List

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our Export Twitter Following List

Richer data export

It can help users improve the efficiency of data collection, processing and analysis.
Support automated data collection processes.

Rich custom export

Exporting fan data can help you save time in collecting following list data and reduce errors.

Easy to use

We focus on user experience and the product design is simple and intuitive to ensure that even beginners can easily get started and improve work efficiency.

Data Privacy Security

We are committed to protecting your data privacy and employing advanced security measures to ensure that your usage information is always safe and secure.


Join thousands of satisfied customers using our Export Twitter Following List globally.

This tool makes data management so easy and the real-time updates are perfect.

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Justin Welsh

This tool is a lifesaver! Automated data export is fast and accurate, doubling your work efficiency.

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It couldn't be better! The automated export function makes data analysis so convenient, efficient and reliable.

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FAQ About Export Twitter Following List Tool

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Exporting your Twitter watchlist is a must-have tool for active Twitter users and marketers. It provides two key functions:

1. Watchlist Export: With just one click, FollowMate can export your Twitter watchlist to different formats such as CSV. This is great for analysis or saving backups.

2. Social network insights: Use Export Twitter Following List to obtain a list of fans of similar accounts. It helps you categorize follower accounts in specific groups and connect with influencers within them to develop your user engagement strategy.
Include the follower's full name, username, account, profile, when they started following, and the number of fans and followers.

Our goal is to ensure that your data analysis is as detailed and comprehensive as possible.
Yes, we strive to provide you with the most complete data set possible so that you can conduct in-depth analysis.
We take privacy and compliance very seriously and ensure that our data export processes comply with the latest data protection regulations.

We only provide data that we are legally permitted to share, and we advise all customers to use this data responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and guidelines.
Detailed fan data can help you better understand your audience, track engagement, and refine your marketing strategy.