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Explore endless Twitter possibilities with Twitter Ideas Hunter! With a vast library of over 4M viral tweets, we use AI technology based ChatGPT and xAI's grok to stimulate creativity and provide rich inspiration for your tweet creation.

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Ignite your inspiration and easily create a week long tweet through Tweet Ideas Hunter.

2M+ Trending Tweets

Just enter keywords to find excellent tweets that generate engagement and followers. Identify which types of tweets and topics work best and apply them to your own content.

2M+ Trending Tweets

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AI Creative Idea Assistance

AI Creative Idea Assistance utilizes advanced AI like ChatGPT and Tweet Grok. Just input a keyword, and it generates ideas, helping you quickly expand your thoughts and find idea for tweets.

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AI provides creative IDEA

Let AI provide you with an idea to attract followers through today's popular tweets and topics


Provide a general direction, and let our AI generate a plethora of tweet ideas tailored for you.


Utilizing AI models such as ChatGPT and Tweet Grok, we swiftly transform your ideas into authentic tweets.


AI can optimize and enhance your tweets, making them more engaging and topical.

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Before using Tweet Idea Hunter I was anxious about what to tweet every day, but this product really helped me solve that problem. Since using it, my number of followers has grown from 500 to 6K.

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Tweet Ideas Hunter is really easy to use. It helped me save a lot of time thinking about how to create tweets. Originally, I couldn’t guarantee that I would continue to tweet every day to attract followers, but now it helps me do it. Highly recommended!

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Shivam Ramphal

Before using it, I posted 10-20 tweets a week, and after using it, I posted 100+ tweets a week. This is the power of Tweet Idea Hunter.

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Alex Leroy

FAQ About Tweet Ideas Hunter

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Tweet Grok is dedicated to developing Twitter-related tools, offering a comprehensive suite of Twitter solutions for users.

Our platform covers aspects of sales, growth, analysis, and management, enabling you to efficiently monitor your Twitter account and devise effective strategies for its expansion.

Moreover, we integrate AI tools to further enhance productivity.
Tweet Ideas Hunter is an AI-assisted tool that focuses on helping Twitter users find creative inspiration and uses AI technology to turn the inspiration into real tweets that users can directly upload.

It has a powerful library of trending tweets. You can use the topic filtering function to quickly obtain tweets on related topics to find inspiration.

It can also use AI technology (based on OpenAI's ChatGPT and xAI's Grok) to help you quickly provide tweet inspiration based on the day's hot topics and tweets.

After you decide on your writing direction, you can also use our AI writing assistant to help you quickly transform your inspiration into real tweets to improve your tweet productivity.
1. Search our trending tweet library or use the AI tweet inspiration generator to help you determine the keywords for your tweet content.

2. Use an AI writing assistant to help you turn inspiration into real tweets.

3. Simply fine-tune the tweet content according to your actual situation, and then you can post your tweet.
Of course! We are delighted to provide a free plan for interested in experiencing our service.

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