SEO is always changing. Trying to stay updated can be overwhelming. On Twitter, there are tons of SEO accounts. We've made it simple. Here are the top 20 accounts you should follow. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these influencers will keep you in the loop.

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1. Eric Enge

Twitter SEO: Eric Enge, an acknowledged authority in Digital Marketing Excellence, disseminates expert-level SEO content and the most recent developments in the SEO domain through his platform.

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2. Moz

Twitter SEO: Moz is a marketing analytics software specializing in search optimization and social marketing.

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3. AJ Ghergich

SEO Twitter: AJ Ghergich, a seasoned expert in SEO, SEM, and Content Marketing, serves as the Chief Digital Officer at Brado. He consistently shares insightful articles, guides, and case studies related to SEO.

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4. Danny Sullivan

SEO Twitter : Danny shares insights into social matters, personal anecdotes, alongside the latest updates in digital marketing. Follow Danny to stay informed about the newest Google rollouts and technology trends.

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5. Brian Dean

Twitter SEO Case Study: Brian Dean is a distinguished SEO expert. He specializes in offering marketing professionals and entrepreneurs actionable strategies to increase their search engine traffic.

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6. Ann Smarty

Seo Export: Ann Smarty is a digital marketing expert and brand manager at Ninjas Marketing, an internet marketing company offering services such as SEO, link building, content development, social media marketing, and more.

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7. Lan Lurie

Seo Exports: Ian Lurie is the proprietor of Portent, a blog dedicated to SEO, PPC, and marketing. He consistently crafts articles and shares daily SEO tips.

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8. Shane Barker

Local SEO Export: Shane Barker, a veteran SEO and startup consultant with over 25 years of expertise, dominates Twitter with insights on app marketing, influencer marketing, SEO strategies, and more. Uncover invaluable tips for elevating your online presence and harness the power of digital marketing with his wealth of experience.

9. Dan Shure

Expert SEO Servive: Dan Shure is an SEO podcaster and an SEO consultant. He tweets relevant information about the latest SEO news.

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10. Jason Barnard

Local SEO Exports: Jason Barnard, known as The Brand SERP Guy, is an author, speaker, and digital marketing consultant specializing in optimizing Brand SERP to elevate brand awareness. He hosts a marketing podcast featuring niche experts, sharing insights on driving traffic, leveraging AI for Google search optimization, content outsourcing, and more. Follow Jason for a mix of personal and professional updates on Twitter and Facebook.


Account Followers Introduction Profile Link
Eric Enge 38.2K Followers Digital Marketing Excellence Practitioner.
Moz 562.9K Followers Online search SEO toolset
AJ Ghergich 123.4K Followers EO, SEM, Content Marketing Expert
Danny Sullivan 526.8K Followers newest Google rollouts and technology trends
Brian Dean 127.4K Followers the Founder of Backlinko, SEO expert
Ann Smarty 64.8K Followers digital marketing expert
Ian Lurie 33.4K Followers Digital marketer
Shane Barker 29.1K Followers Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant
Dan Shure 26.9K Followers SEO podcaster, SEO consultant
Jason Barnard 9,219 Followers Entrepreneur, writer and CEO of Kalicube

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