• Increase engagement rates: Post more engaging, engaging content to keep your fans more engaged.
  • Expand your reach: Expose your tweets to more potential audiences and increase your brand awareness.
  • Achieve marketing goals: Whether you want to drive traffic to your website or boost sales, harness the power of algorithms to achieve your goals.

1. What is The Twitter Algorithm?

Note: In March 2023, Twitter's algorithms on GitHub.

  • Your interests and past behavior on Twitter
  • Tweet characteristics like virality, recency, and media presence
  • Your location (in some cases)
What is The Twitter Algorithm?

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The algorithm is not perfect, and it can sometimes show you content that you're not interested in.
  • There are ways to game the algorithm, but these methods are often short-lived and can result in your account being penalized.
  • The best way to use the algorithm is to create high-quality content that your target audience will find valuable.

2. How the Twitter algorithm works in 2024?

How the Twitter algorithm works in 2024?

#1 Finding Potential Tweets (Candidate Sourcing):

  • The algorithm scours for tweets that might be interesting to you, looking at both accounts you follow (In-Network) and those you don't (Out-of-Network).
  • This ensures a mix of familiar voices and fresh perspectives appear on your "For You" page.
  • In 2023, Twitter reported processing over 500 million tweets daily, but the average user only sees around 1,500 due to this filtering process.

#2 Ranking Tweets:

  • Once potential tweets are identified, a machine learning model scores each one based on various factors.
  • The exact details of this ranking system are not public, but it likely considers the probability of you engaging with the tweet.
  • Engagement metrics like replies, likes, and comments likely play a significant role.

#3 Refining the Selection:

  • Removing irrelevant content: Tweets from blocked users, NSFW content, and tweets you've already seen are filtered out.
  • Promoting Diversity: The algorithm strives to show a variety of authors, content types, and a balance between In-Network and Out-of-Network sources.
  • Considering Feedback Signals: Social proof (e.g., retweets from people you follow) and negative feedback (e.g., hidden tweets) can influence a tweet's

#4 User Impact and Transparency:

  • Understanding how the algorithm works empowers users to optimize their content for better reach and engagement.
  • By focusing on creating relevant, high-quality tweets with multimedia elements (especially video), users can increase their visibility on the platform.
  • While the core ranking mechanism remains a secret, Twitter has become more transparent in recent years, sharing some insights into the process and ranking signals they prioritize.

3. Best 10 Tips to take advantage of the Twitter Algorithm

Best 10 Tips to take advantage of the Twitter Algorithm

#1 Become a content creation machine

#2 Accurate release time

#3 Extra points for visual effects

#4 Interact with fans

#5 Make good use of tags

#6 Verify your account

#7 Data analysis guides action

#8 Optimize your profile

#9 Keep learning and innovating

#10 Be patient and perseverant

Algorithms are just tools, high-quality content and active interaction are king.

Be sincere and personal to make your tweets more engaging.

Now, are you ready to start your Twitter journey?

Use these 10 tips and you will be the next social influencer on Twitter!

4. A simulation case: Deeply understand the Twitter algorithm

Deeply understand the Twitter algorithm

#1 The Building Blocks

  • Interactions: Likes, retweets, quotes, follow, bookmarks, post clicks, time spent on posts, and profile clicks.
  • Context: Your geolocation and trending topics in your location.
  • Content Preferences: The types of content you engage with and avoid.

#2 Feature Formation: Building a User Profile

#3 Ranking: Sorting the Feed

  • Your Interaction Probability: The likelihood of you liking, commenting on, or retweeting a post. This probability is based on your past behavior and the overall popularity of the post.
  • Author Credibility: Blue verified accounts inherently receive a ranking boost, especially for those you follow.
  • Content Quality: Posts with images and audio are prioritized, while those containing offensive language or excessive hashtags are penalized.
  • Algorithmic Serendipity: To prevent monotony, Twitter injects some variety by promoting trending topics and content from users you don't necessarily follow.

#4 Refinement: The Finishing Touches

  • Content Diversity: You won't see an overwhelming amount of content from a single source.
  • Geopolitical Compliance: Posts containing illegal or harmful content are filtered out.
  • Promotional Mix: Ads are strategically integrated alongside organic content.

#5 The Key Stages: Feature Formation and Ranking

#6 Understanding the Algorithm's Scoring System

1) Positive Factors

  • Blue verified account (followed by Alex): +4x boost
  • Blue verified account (not followed by Alex): +2x boost
  • Liked or bookmarked by Alex: +30x boost
  • Retweeted by Alex: +20x boost
  • Followed by Alex: +4x boost
  • Posts with images or audio: +2x boost
  • Posts aligned with current trends: +1.1x boost

2) Negative Factors

  • Unknown language/words: -20x penalty
  • Offensive language: -10x penalty
  • Excessive hashtags: -1.1x penalty
  • Recently unfollowed, muted, blocked, or reported by Alex: No relationship formed
  • NSFW, abusive, or toxic content: No relationship is formed

#7 The Simulation: Scoring Your Reach

  • Like (favorite): 50%
  • Retweet: 100%
  • Reply: 13.5%
  • Opens your profile and interacts: 12%
  • Watches at least half of a video post (if applicable): 0.5%
  • Engages with your reply to their comment: 75%
  • Clicks into a conversation and interacts: 11%
  • Spends at least 2 minutes in a conversation (positive engagement): 10%
  • Reacts negatively (requests to see less, blocks, or mutes): -74%
  • Reports your post: -369%

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